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Rabbi Roi Shemesh

Center of Geula, Director

Dear Friends,


Warm greetings to each and every one of you. Today, I come before you with a heartfelt plea for support—an opportunity to be part of something truly remarkable. I am honored to share with you our ambitious project at the Center of Geula: the construction of a Synagogue.

A Synagogue is more than just bricks and mortar; it is a sacred space that embodies the heart and soul of our faith. It will serve as a sanctuary for prayer, a gathering place for community, and a beacon of hope for generations to come. We envision a place where souls can find solace, connection, and spiritual growth—an abode where the beauty of our Jewish traditions can flourish.   

However, we cannot bring this dream to fruition without your help. We humbly invite you to contribute to this noble endeavor and become a part of our Synagogue-building journey. Your generous donations will play an integral role in constructing a physical space that will nurture the spiritual lives of countless individuals.

Imagine the profound impact we can make together. By donating to the construction of our Synagogue, you are investing in the future—a future where Jewish traditions are celebrated, where souls find solace, and where our cultural identity thrives. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to achieving this vision.

I wholeheartedly ask you to open your hearts and join us in this meaningful endeavor. Your support will leave an indelible mark on our community, serving as a testament to your commitment to fostering a vibrant and connected Jewish heritage.

Together, let us build a Synagogue that stands as a testament to our faith, a place where generations will gather to pray, celebrate, and seek solace. Your donation will help shape a future that embraces unity, spiritual growth, and a profound sense of belonging.

Thank you for your unwavering support. May your generosity be blessed abundantly.


With profound gratitude,


Rabbi Roi Shemesh

Director, Center of Geula

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“Merkaz HaGeula’s food assistance program has been a true blessing for me and my family. During times of hardship, their support has provided us with nourishment and restored our hope. We are deeply grateful for their generosity and compassion.” – Rachel S.

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“Merkaz HaGeula’s spiritual guidance has had a profound impact on my life. Through their wise and caring guidance, I have found a renewed sense of purpose and connection to my Jewish heritage. I am forever grateful for their transformative support.” – Daniel R.